alle meine entchen | All my ducklings

Alle meine Entchen” is a German and English All my ducklings (including all my ducklings and all your ducks, in older sources also All our Ducks) is a German-language children’s song about ducks that have lots of fun swimming in the lake. There are many versions in different languages, including English, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish.

“alle meine entchen”

listen to the World Kids Action Songs alle meine entchen are given below.

German song

Alle meine Entchen
Schwimmen auf dem See,
Schwimmen auf dem See,
Köpfchen in das Wasser,
Schwänzchen in die Höh.

Alle meine Täubchen
Sitzen auf dem Dach,
Sitzen auf dem Dach;
Klipper, klapper, klapp, klapp,
Fliegen übers Dach.

Alle meine Hühner
Scharren in dem Stroh,
Scharren in dem Stroh,
Finden sie ein Körnchen,
Sind sie alle froh.

Alle meine Gänschen
Watscheln durch den Grund,
Watscheln durch den Grund,
Suchen in dem Tümpel,
Werden kugelrund.

alle meine entchen english

All my ducklings
Swimming on the lake,
Swimming on the lake,
Heads in the water,
Little tails up in the air!

All my little doves
Sitting on the roof,
Sitting on the roof;
Clipper, clapper, clap, clap,
They fly over the roof.

All my chickens
Scratching in the straw
Scratching in the straw
Find a little grain,
They’re all happy.

All my goslings
Waddle across the ground,
Waddle across the ground,
Search in the pond,
Become round like a ball.

Note: If you find any mistakes is an amazing German song ‘ alle meine entchen’  from the AlbumKinderlieder auf der Marimba’ Please don’t forget to comment below -Another a was once an apple pie

Every child loves ducks and every child loves animals. As a kid, we all used to run outside and play with our friends. Sometimes we would play hide-and-seek and sometimes we would just jump around and dance. Ducklings were always part of our games and we used to love them so much that we often referred to all animals as “ducklings”.

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You can’t really avoid playing with your friends or running outside in the summer, but if you’d like to stay indoors

alle meine entchen lyrics info

  • Artists: Deutsche Kinderlieder, Kinderlieder, Musik für Kinder
  • Album: Kinderlieder auf der Marimba
  • Released date: 2018

It is a folk song, the author of which has not been passed down. Occasionally the song is attributed to Ernst Anschütz (1780–1861), but the song cannot be identified in the alleged source, the musical school hymn book published in 1824.


Wilhelm Raabe quotes the text in his 1859 novel Die Kinder von Finkenrode as ” nursery rhyme “. Occasionally, the high school teacher Gustav Eskuche called (1865-1917) as a lyricist, he has the song, however, appeared only in his 1891 Hessian Kinderliedchenpublished.

The fact that Eskuche is named as the author despite the proven earlier publication of the song may be due to a misunderstood reference by the folk song researcher Franz Magnus Böhme, who included the song in his collection of German children’s songs and children’s games in 1897 with the source reference “From Kassel: Eskuche No. . 167 ”. Occasionally there is the indication of origin “from Nassau “.

The song is suitable as a play song in which the children stand or walk in a circle and make the appropriate movements while singing.

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