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By Cynthia-G-Toups

The national anthem of Afghanistan was produced in 2006 by a Loya Jirga (grand assembly). No official lyrics exist for the anthem, but only an approximation. Some of the lyrics of this suggested version of lyrics are “The sky is my home/the ground is my mother/the wind is my friend/the sun is my sight”. It’s uncertain when the music was written, but both are written by Afghan compositions. The name of Afghanistan can be translated to “The land of Afghans”.  Additionally, the widely accepted lyrics are estimated but it seems that there might be no words sung in regards to *** in the whole song.


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National anthem

This land is Afghanistan,
it is the pride of every Afghan
The land of peace, the land of sword,
each of its sons is brave

This is the country of every tribe,
The land of Balochs and Uzbeks
Pashtuns and Hazaras,
Turkmens and Tajiks

With them, there are Arabs and Gujjars,
Pamiris, Nuristanis
Brahuis, and Qizilbash,
also Aimaqs and Pashais

This land will shine for ever,
like the sun in the blue sky
In the chest of Asia,
it will remain as heart for ever

We will follow the one God
We all say, “Allah is the greatest!”,
we all say, “Allah is the greatest!”,
we all say, “Allah is the greatest!”


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ملی سرود

دا وطن افغانستان دی
دا عزت د هر افغان دى
كور د سولې، كور د تورې
هر بچى يې قهرمان دى

دا وطن د ټولو كور دى
د بلوڅو، د ازبكو
پــښــتــنو او هزاراو
د تركمنو، د تاجكو

ور سره عرب، ګوجر دي
پاميريان، نورستانيان
براهوي دي، قزلباش دي
هم ايماق، هم پشايان

دا هيواد به تل ځلېږي
لكه لمر پر شنه آسمان
په سينې كې د آسيا به
لكه زړه وي جاويدان

نوم د حق مو دى رهبر
وايو الله اكبر
وايو الله اكبر
وايو الله اكبر

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