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It’s time to get back on track and let’s find out what you love most about this song. Are you a Bollywood lover? Do you want to know the lyrics of Aaye kuch abr kuch sharaab aaye? This article will tell you everything about this evergreen song and the meaning behind it.

Here, in homage to both Hasan and Faiz,  is my translation of the ghazal, done afresh, after the transliteration into Roman Urdu, also newly done.

Aaye kuch abr kuch sharaab aaye
Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Aaye kuch abr kuch sharaab aaye
Uske baad aaye jo azaab aaye

Baam-e-Minaa se maahtaab utare
Dast-e-saaqi mein aaftaab aaye

Har rag-e-khoon mein phir charaagaan ho
Saamne phir woh benaqaab aaye

Umr ke har waraq pe dil ko nazar
Teri mehr-o-wafaa ke baab aaye

Kar rahaa tha gham-e-jahaan ka hisaab
Aaj tum yaad behisaab aaye

Na gayee tere gham ki sardaari
Dil mein yunh roz inqalaab aaye

Jal uthe bazm-e-ghair ke dar-o-baam
Jab bhi hum khaanaman kharaab aaye

Is taraah apni khaamoshi goonjee
Goya har simt se jawaab aaye

Faiz thi raah sarbasar manzil
Hum jahaan pahunche kaamyaaab aaye    

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