a foggy day lyric


By Cynthia-G-Toups

“A Foggy Day” is a timeless classic song, famously recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1954. The song, written by the legendary composer George Gershwin, captures the feeling of a gloomy, foggy day in London. Sinatra’s smooth, velvety voice paints a picture of the city shrouded in mist and the Thames River obscured from view. He laments the absence of his love, who is far away and reminisces about the happier times they spent together. The song’s melancholic melody, combined with Sinatra’s masterful interpretation, creates a beautiful and haunting ambiance, transporting listeners to a rainy London street. It’s no wonder that “A Foggy Day” has become a beloved standard in the Great American Songbook.

a foggy day lyric Frank Sinatra

a foggy day lyric

A foggy day,

in London town,

it had me low,

and it had me down

I viewed the morning,

with much alarm,

the British Museum,

had lost its charm
How long I wondered,

could this thing last,

but the age of miracles,

it hadn’t past
And suddenly,

I saw you standing right there
And in foggy London town,

the sun was shining everywhere


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