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The 16 bars challenge is a fun way to learn hip-hop lyrics and get some exercise at the same time. To start, you need to memorize the rap lyric in question. Next, you must write down the bars of your favorite song.

The lyrics of your favorite song can be interpreted in many ways. But a good song lyric can give you a better understanding of the meaning behind the lyrics and can also help you understand the story behind it.

The English words “bar” and “challenge” have the same root, but they mean very different things. And their use changes significantly depending on whether you’re referring to a pub or a video game.

 ” 16 bars challenge lyrics “

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Hai tah maida 4x

1 E.L
Hehe look
6ixteen bars that′s ain’t overdose
Just 6ixteen bars all you niggas calmatose
My team dreams hard
We taking coast to coast

I′ve seen feen starve, that’s how you know you dope
My beats are knocking, that’s how we open doors
Ideas are always pouring, my cupeth over flows

My cupeth runeth over, ain′t talking DUI′s
You never get no closure that’s how they feed you with lies
Oh yeah we up now yeah African′s in this big thing
They on my neck for a rapper they suck
Like a bunch of Draculas in this b*t*CH

I had a dream
I took a BET away dude
When I came too they told me go Fvck
Your dream so I did they all came through!!!
2 EL

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6ixteen bars here’s another round
Until Kendrick want to feature, I′m still underground
Niggas was talking favours, they talking numbers now
I no go mention names, I just go dummy it down
Got half a Milli dollars and that’s a local ′tation

To get a 6ixteen bar verse, that’s the motivation
Drug money partners, I need I hope I’m prayin′
I got this far by hardwork, the rest are al′ to patience
And if my dream was to make Gees get porn stars,

Who talk D and F likes and ba-bad report cards and
Do drugs like drugstars get over my roof and be fake
Instead of taking care of my family, I pray I never be great but
I can take the pressure, I get a clean heart

This music game is TREASURE, this is a mean art
You wanna be a rapper, and may not seen smart
I’m tryna find a treasure with 6ixteen bars
“When you are trying to impress people with
Words, the more you say, the more common you appear ”
3 JaySo

Ah yo
6ixteen bars, that′s all it took
Script schemes chorus I mean a flawless hook
My tongue is a weapon so when I lickle shark
It ain’t ′teen bars it’s a lickle sharp

I learnt use my art ′cause 6ixteens
Open up doors that’s suicide bar
EL put me on ’cause he know I′m smart
Enough to bring a hot 6ixteen and abuse my part
I brought that 6ixteen for that d cream (uh)

Paint a pictures for big screens (uh)
6ixteens that′s cold as ice T mould a PAC and make big dream
Skillions with the sick teams
Since??? Detroit pistons
If word spokin make kick screen, then there’s hope for this
6ixteen bars
Oh My!!!!

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How are lyrics divided into bars?

A bar is one measure of the arrangement of a song. Most music is in 4/4 time. 4/4 time is sometimes called “common time” for that reason. 4/4 time is the song “Time Signature”.

In 4/4 time the first 4 means there are 4 beats or counts in the measure. When you are listening to a song and you can count 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 along with the music, you already know what the first 4 means. The second 4 means a quarter note gets one beat. When you are counting along with a song 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 each of those numbers equals one-quarter note, you are counting quarter notes. A half note gets double the time value as a quarter note, two beats instead of one, two half notes equals one measure in 4/4 time. A whole note gets double the time value as a half note, 4 beats instead of 2, one whole note equals one measure in 4/4 time.

It’s just fractions of the number 1, 1 being one measure. 4 quarters equals one, 2 halve’s equals one, 1 whole equals one.

16 beats equal 4 measures in 4/4 time, it is referred to as one ” phrase”. Songs are arranged in phrases. Just like you count 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4, you can also count from 1 to 16, then start all over at 1 to 16, 1 to 16, and count phrases instead of measures. When you get used to it, it’s an easier way. Many song arrangements are very simple. They have a 16 phrase verse, followed by a 16 phrase chorus, followed by another 16 phrase verse, repeat the 16 phrase chorus, 16 phrase verse, chorus, etc. If you have never tried counting a song by 16 beat phrases you should, it’s easy to figure it out. Then you’ll understand “arrangement”.

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Your welcome for the “aha” moment.

Another time signature is 6/8 time. There are 6 beats in the measure and the eighth note gets the beat. I tell you this just for the purpose of information. 6/8 time


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